I’m A Candidate

Sometimes it pays to know someone

Our entire proprietary process is engineered to be certain that we get it right: the right person, with the right skill set, for the right job, at the right time. It starts with you.

In order to best understand your hiring needs, our staffing professionals will work closely with you by conducting interviews, in-person meetings, and surveys to really hone in on your hiring situation and business environment. At the same time, we are continually focused on recruiting quality candidates as a critical function, for all jobs big and small.

Almond & Associates professionals are highly trained in the recruiting process. Through direct recruiting efforts and by responding to incoming queries, we screen candidates by utilizing consistent and effective pre-employment inquiry techniques. This is followed by a personal interview that is conducted to review a candidate’s work history and evaluate their skills and overall presentation.

Finally, our professionals will comb through our pool of candidates or, if needed, directly recruit appropriate candidates that match your individual job specifications. Throughout this process you can be assured of superior service, professionalism, honesty and teamwork. We know that your business, and ours, depends on it. So no matter what you need us to do — fill a temporary shift, find a temporary hire, place a new employee or lead an executive search, Almond & Associates Puget Sound is uniquely situated to helping employers in the Puget Sound resolve their hiring needs.