I’m A Candidate

Sometimes it pays to know someone

Our entire proprietary process is engineered to be certain that we get it right: the right person, with the right skill set, for the right job, at the right time. It starts with you.


Direct Hire

What does the Direct Hire process look like?

Almond & Associates works with many companies throughout the Puget Sound region that are looking for strong candidates for full time, permanent positions.

  1. Once you’ve contacted us, an Almond & Associates recruiter will reach out to discuss your resume qualifications and better understand the type of role which is best suited for you. An interview will be scheduled based upon these qualifications.
  2. First impressions are important, so please arrive for your interview dressed in professional office attire. Our office is professional, and it is imperative that our candidates maintain a strong reflection of professionalism as well.
  3. During your interview, we will spend quality time to understand your in-depth experience and priorities in your next career move.

This interview process is highly important, as it allows us to truly get to know you, therefore personalizing the employment opportunities we provide. Company culture is a vital aspect when creating the right fit for both the employee and employer. Almond & Associates Recruiters take care to visit our clients’ offices to truly understand their culture.

We want the delivered results to exceed your expectations

What should I expect after my interview?

  1. You’ll be asked to complete software testing through SHL (formerly Aspring Minds). This skill evaluation should be completed as soon as possible, as it does factor into our ability to present you to clients.
  2. Once the testing is completed, we will begin sending you positions which meet your qualifications. If you choose to pursue any of these opportunities, we will present your resume to the client.
  3. When the client chooses to move forward in the interviewing process, an Almond & Associates Recruiter will coordinate all meetings and provide you with further information.

When there is a favorable match from both the client and candidate, Almond & Associates will work with you to help negotiate the offer and work through the hiring process to ensure your job placement success.

Successful job placement will be determined on proper fit, skills, and successful background checks.  



What does the Executive Placement process look like?

Almond & Associates Executive Placement services are the solution to your future. Our retained executive search services have been relied on in the Northwest and Nationally for generations. Our process is proven, and our practice is simple; our focused dedication to hands-on partnerships ensures the highest success rate.

As a candidate, we will take the time to learn about you and your accomplishments and qualities, to truly understand your career objectives, and we will always present you in the best, most precise light.  Beginning with an in-person interview, we offer a comprehensive process designed to make it easy on you to engage in a job search.  We will stay in touch with you regularly and will guide you through each step.  You’ll know you are in good hands as we:

  • Facilitate client interviews when you’re selected
  • Debrief after interviews with you and the client to provide immediate feedback
  • Administer any required testing
  • Keep you informed of all next steps
  • Follow-up with you after you’ve been hired to ensure we’ve made a successful match

We are seeking the same perfect match between your career goals and companies searching for someone with your skills because we care about the results for both you and our clients.