Almond Temps

We are always seeking candidates with a professional office background in the following disciplines:

  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • IT Support

What are the benefits of being an Almond Temp?

  • Flexibility – positions can range from one day to long-term assignments lasting 8 months or more
  • Expanding your resume
  • Continuing to work while seeking full time employment
  • Developing confidence while adapting to new roles and companies
  • Gaining insight into a variety of industries
  • Access to career opportunities which may not be known to general public
  • Immediate consideration for positions
  • Creating new relationships and connections

Another benefit is that temporary roles may turn into full time employment through a temp-to-hire option. Temp-to-Hire roles entail a candidate being an Almond & Associates employee for the first 90 days or 520 hours of a role. After this probation period, the candidate may transition to their new employer as a permanent employee.

What does the Almond Temp interview process look like?

Once you’ve contacted us, an Almond & Associates recruiter will reach out to discuss your qualifications and set up an interview. The recruiter will send you an email which includes an application packet. Having this information on file allows us to maintain an efficient hiring process.

First impressions are important, so please arrive for your interview dressed in professional office attire. Our office is professional, and it is imperative that our candidates maintain a strong reflection of professionalism as well. If you can, arrive for your interview 5 – 10 minutes early. If you need to complete the application packet in our office, please allow 15 minutes before your interview for this task.

During your interview, we will discuss your employment background and career goals. Please come prepared with a copy of your resume which includes specific employment dates for the most effective interview. Please see our resources page for further resume and interview tips. This interview process is highly important, as it allows us to truly get to know you and personalize the employment opportunities we provide. Company culture is a vital aspect when creating the right fit for both the employee and employer. Almond & Associates Recruiters take care to visit our clients’ offices to truly understand their culture.

What should I expect after my interview?

  • You’ll be asked to complete software testing through IBM Assess. This skill evaluation should be completed as soon as possible, as it does factor into our ability to send you temporary opportunities. Please plan on spending some additional time in our office to complete this task.
  • Once the testing is completed, we will begin sending you temporary assignments which meet your qualifications. There is no obligation to take on these roles – don’t be afraid to say no!
  • Please keep us updated if any of your job requirements change or there are any updates in your job search.

The key to landing a great Almond Temp role is open communication!

Become An Almond Temp

Our professional recruiting team will match up your unique skills.