Almond Temps

Almond Temps is a division of Almond & Associates which brings the same excellence and service to the temporary staffing needs of our clients as is provided for their recruiting and executive placement needs. Once you have contacted us with your need, we will move quickly to get you a qualified temporary employee as soon as possible.

  • We maintain open communication with our temporary employees, and will reach out to those who best fit your company culture and position needs.
  • Almond Temps have already been evaluated through SHL Software Testing (formerly Aspiring Minds) software, so we can be sure they are capable of the assignment at hand.
  • Almond & Associates conducts a background screen through ADP Select for all temporary employees.

Almond Temps covers a broad range of office roles. We are connected with administrative, customer service, human resources, IT support, and accounting professionals. We have provided filing clerks for one-week projects, and controllers for long-term maternity leave.

Whatever your office needs may be… Almond Temps is here to assist you