Direct Hire

The Almond & Associates Mid-Level Direct Hire process begins with an onsite meeting with you, the client.

  • We enjoy meeting with clients in their office to establish an understanding of the company culture and work environment.
  • We value meeting the key stake holders whom the candidate may work with, to thoroughly understand the expectations within the company.

Almond & Associates offers a limited unconditional placement guarantee to the client as a part of the direct hire process to ensure complete hiring success

After the initial meeting, Almond & Associates will move forward in the search.

  • We will develop and/or clarify the job description to attract qualified candidates who maintain the key skills and cultural fit your organization requires.
  • Almond & Associates will screen and interview candidates to identify those most qualified to meet the criteria established during the onsite meeting.
  • All prospective candidates will be tested by Almond & Associates through SHL Software Testing (formerly Aspiring Minds) assessment software to ensure they have the proper skills to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job requirements.
  • Almond & Associates will present qualified candidates to you, the client, for discussion and approval. We will coordinate all interviews between key decision makers and candidates.
  • Once a favorable match has been made, Almond & Associates will finalize the hiring process by providing thorough referencing and background checks to ensure a quality fit.
  • We will work with you throughout this process to negotiate salary and benefits, ensuring a successful offer acceptance and placement.