Executive Placement

Working in partnership to conquer your executive leadership challenges

Our Executive Placement services are the solution to your problem.  We understand that searching for the right executive takes time and resources away from your critical focus.  The stakes are high: Senior executives have fiduciary responsibilities that involve multiple stakeholders as well as the stewardship of human, financial, intellectual, capital, and social resources.  The wrong leadership solution in the executive suite has a tremendous cost- financial, managerial, and emotional- for all parties involved, often eroding shareholder value, destroying reputations, and affecting entire communities along the way.

We fully commit to understanding and filling your organizations’ true underlying need, as opposed to advancing our sole interest. The optimal solution is to engage a variety of types of support. Almond & Associates Executive Search team is committed to working collaboratively with our clients to fully understand the nature and context of your executive leadership challenges, and to provide customized Executive Leadership Solutions through and end-to-end offering, including: comprehensive research, direct recruiting, face to face interviewing with potential candidates, and any level of involvement in the actual end-game hiring process you’re comfortable with. We also offer a world class employee-assessment solution, PXT Select Profile Assessments, for every search designed to get actionable data about the people you wish to hire and employ, creating better, more productive, happier workforces. These fine points are what differentiate us from our competition. We deliver results.

We take on your business challenges, combine them with our partnership, to deliver sustainable results