Assistant Superintendent


Construction Safety Protocol
1. Ensuring company’s job site is equipped with the required safety manuals, OHSA, WISHA, and L&I documents.
2. Organize weekly safety meeting. Upload to shared drive.
3. Manage safety meeting log book and required signatures.
4. Monitor contractor’s compliance to their own safety plan and emergency action plan.

1. Coordinate with all subcontractor and vendors for Pre-Construction meetings.
2. Attend Pre-Construction meting and get signed pre-con checklist filed and sent back to the office for filing.
3. Assist superintendent with pre-con emails and correspondence with subs and local building officials prior to construction.

Administrative Responsibilities
1. Assist superintendent in drafting and sending of RFI’s, and SK requests.
2. Monitor RFI and SK’s. Make sure they are being responded to in a timely manner. Organize in a binder with summary report on cover.
3. Maintain daily fieldwork paperwork such as contractor manpower or lack thereof, deliveries, back charge occurrences or any other abnormal occurrence.
4. Assist Superintendent with email correspondence keeping sub-contractors up to date on schedule changes or other important issues.
5. File all paperwork keeping a clean organized jobsite office.
6. Schedule inspections per the request of the Superintendent.
7. Upload pictures and coordinating information to the shared drive for storage.

Jobsite Responsibilities
1. Policing jobsite for cleanliness and issuing back charges to violators.
2. Taking pictures of the jobsite showing progress and referencing back charge infractions. These should be electronically filed and timestamped.
3. Issue back charge warning to subcontractors. If not in compliance after 24hrs notice, notify office of the infraction.
4. Manage all on site amenities. Dumpster pick up and removal, temporary toilet, phone and internet, security camera, drinkable water, etc.
5. Schedule weekly subcontractor meeting, take roll call and notes. Keep binder and notes on site.
6. Assist Superintendent in creating and updating construction schedule.

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