Testimonial – Brendan

Having recently graduated from college, I consistently found myself at a disadvantage when competing against other candidates for permanent positions that relate to my degree due to lack of experience. With my job search at a standstill, and student loan payments fast approaching, conceding to a part-time customer service-like position, which would not have added to my related work experience, became a real possibility. Then someone recommended that I look into temporary employment services. Almond & Associates stood out from the rest of the temporary employment services nearby because they focused solely on office positions, and therefore had the greatest potential of adding essential work experience and skills to my resume. Two months into my first work assignment, I can attest that the benefit of being an Almond & Associates employee has been two-fold. It has given me the opportunity to earn a steady income that helps alleviate the financial burden of student loans and other bills, while also gaining the necessary work experience and skills that will potentially give me an advantage over competitors when vying for jobs related to my degree in the future.

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